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Less human than human

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Elon Musk is not your average transphobe/megalomaniac/troll/billionaire. He is less human than he thinks (less human, actually), has a cult-like following and has inserted himself into uncommon geopoli,tic scenarios due to his business ventures. Musk is also deeply arrogant and insecure. The Last Week Tonight segment I've included below balances the dangers that lie within this man.

Several other journalists have also pointed out his many shortcomings:

"... while Musk has emboldened transphobes and racists to be the worst versions of themselves, he’s outright banned words and phrases from the platform if they go against his personal beliefs (declaring the word “cis” a slur, for instance) or if he thinks bans will help him politically (banning discussion of decolonization and the use of the phrase “from the river to the sea,” seemingly in an attempt to keep the Anti-Defamation League from criticizing a recent antisemitic post of his)". Parker Molloy, The Present Age

"Is the braggadocio just the showmanship of a business pioneer? Can a man who has challenged conventions of engineering, energy and economics to revolutionise land and space travel get away with defying rules of human decency because of the importance of his mission? Or has the mission itself gone to his head, creating a saviour complex that could eventually bring him down?".

Schumpeter, The Economist

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